Sathyam Yoga was founded by Ms. Anitha on the 21st of July, 2008. She has practiced and taught Yoga for over 10 years which in turn has had a profound impact on her outlook of life. Experiencing this personal transformation first hand, she also aspires to transform the community by sharing her knowledge.


Sathyam Yoga is built in the belief that students benefit immensely from learning about principles and techniques of Yoga when taught in a way that makes it not only easy but also fun. We also believe that this helps students discover, honour and hone the best teacher they will ever have – the one dancing inside their mind and bodies and embedded in their spirit so as to find the rhythms of breath and pace it to the beats of the heart. Ms. Anitha believes in empowering students to become their own teachers this way so that they can be guided intelligently from within. This is what makes her and Sathyam Yoga unique.





She was initiated into the practice of Yoga through Dr. V. R. Arivazhagan, the Director of Yoga and Naturopathy. This led to her graduating first class with a Diploma in Yoga from the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University in 2009. Ever since then, she has constantly been  part of various workshops and gained insight into the field of Yoga therapy.


She further completed her M.D. Yoga from Bharath Sevak Samaj, National Development Agency prompted by the GOI with a distinction under the guidance of Mr. Rajagopal, Ex- Tasildhar Udumalpet and a master from Integral Yoga Institutes of Satchidananda Ashrams.


She also benefited immensely from the valuable inputs of individuals and mentors including Mr. Palanisamy, senior Yoga practitioner; Dr. Doraikannan, ex-Joint Director CMC and member of IMA and Dr. V. Balakrishnan, Ozone Yoga.


Teaching yoga has been one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences of Ms. Anitha’s life. The conviction with which her students of myriad backgrounds come to her classes not only gives her pleasure but also motivates her. She considers her students to be her best teachers. Currently she is involved in creating and practicing 8 stages of Surya Namaskar. She also aspires to introduce teaching Yoga for differently-abled people and pregnant women.