Mrs Sajeetha Prabu

Hello friends
This is Mrs Sajeetha Prabu from  my home town Coimbatore a house wife and  mother of two blessed wonderful kids 🙂
When I got a call from  my guru respected Mrs Anitha mam to share my experience in yoga I was so glad.
It would be my great  pleasure to share my own experience in yoga that’s  plays a wonderful role  in my day to day life.
I had L4 L5 disc prolapse in an accident 2 years  back during  paragliding, I was bed ridden for 6 months, when  I was slowly recovering I heard from my cousin Santha about Sathyam yoga and Anitha mam, she spoke highly about mams dedication, passion for yoga, I was impressed and joined Sathyam yoga, since then it has been a wonderful experience. Anitha mam has tught all the Asanas, Surya Namaskarams, Kiryas there is no hidden secrets she molds all her students to be perfect in postures and encourage to take classes so that everyone can  benefit,  creates awareness to the people to be healthy and avoid hospitals. She is not money minded.
Every morning I go around 5.50 am and class starts at 6 am to 7 am. After completing my morning secetion my whole day will be energetic I won’t feel tired. My thoughts will be clear without confusion. I feel the positive vibration. My routine  smoothly goes…..
my back problem is gone, doctors where surprised to know that it got cured with out surgery , they told me not to bend forward but now am doing all 8 stages of Surya namaskarams with forward and backward bend.
My muscles are flexible I can feel it. Now I can  analyse myself. Good sleep, peaceful thinking, no hospitals and no more doctors  I had breathing difficulty after my lower back injury, it too got cured after doing paranayama. Now it’s been an year. It’s amazing experriance which you won’t realise untill you try it for yourself,
Do experience it … 🙂

Mrs.Ananthi Srinivasan

Mrs.Umayal Ilango

Hi.i am Umayal Ilango.51years Old(physically).

It’s being four months since I came under the vigilance of our dear Yoga instructor Mrs Anita.
Lower back pain during my menstrual cycle was my main concern when I started practicing yoga.
No doubt I am completely relieved of it now.
Thanks to our yoga guru Anitha for making it possible.
The yoga group and the ambience both together gives positive vibes for our body and mind,for sure.


Mrs.Bhavani Velmurugan

Hi friends I’m Bhavani velmurugan,
I’m having a wonderful experience of yoga with Sathyam Yoga @ Harisri acadamy. I enjoy the peaceful and friendly atmosphere here. The understanding between the guru and the students is very good. I’m able to feel the changes around me after my yoga practice here.

I’ve always been attracted to yoga because it brings lot of benefits to our body, soul, mind , it increases our blood flow, strengthens bones and muscles, and gives flexibility to our body.

I really enjoy practicing yoga with sathyam yoga, because
* It keeps me calm ,
* great way to reduce my weight
* tone my muscles
* I feel active and energetic throughout the day
* I’m able to analyze my problem and overcome through it mentally and physically.
I’ll continue my yoga practice here and I’ll get better and better on it .